5 Quick & Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas: Finally Spruce Up Your Boring Wall



Have a blank wall at home that you are just dying to spruce up?  Have you stared at your wall for hours trying to decide how to make it pretty, but you've come up clueless?

Let me guess, you're not sure if a different paint color will do the trick to give that boring wall some life.  You've thought about wallpaper, but who wants to deal with all of that messy glue?  I know you don't and I don't blame you.  It's a bitch to deal with.

How about getting some picture frames and creating some wall art? 

Now wall art can get pretty expensive, but not if you DIY.  Yes you can DIY this and you don’t have to be Picasso to get it done all that you need to do is simply think outside of the box.

Just in case you’re wondering how, I’m talking about adding some spunk to your walls with some DIY wall art ideas.  Now what I love about these ideas is that they are super quick and easy to get done in about an hour. 

Curious to see what I mean?  Then let’s started with the 5 quick and easy DIY wall art ideas…

DIY Wall Art Ideas: #1 Magazine Cut Outs

Ever skim through your fave home decor magazine and stumbled across a pretty pic or pattern that you love?  Then rip that bad boy out and frame it! 

Who says that you can’t?   I’ve done it plenty of times.  In fact, in my bedroom now, the artwork above my bed is just that, magazine cut outs.  Oh and by the way, pick up some inexpensive picture frames at IKEA or HomeGoods to save even more dinero.

Quick and Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas -mag


DIY Wall Art Ideas: #2 Fabric

I love fabric and I have stashes of it at home because if you know me, you know that one of my hobbies is sewing along with crocheting and other things. I also have a habit of buying fabric whenever I make a stop at IKEA, walmart or my local fabric store.  Anyways, buy a small amount of fabric even if tis’ as small as a quarter yard and stick it in a frame for instant artwork!

Quick and Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas


DIY Wall Art Ideas: #3 Scrapbook Paper or Wrapping Paper

Modern prints are really popular now.  You know like the Ikat print?  They’re so popular now that you can find them in wrapping paper and scrapbook paper.  Next time you head on over to Target or the dollar store, take a walk to the gift section and check out all of the pretty paper.  All that you have to do is just cut it out to size to fit your picture frame and hang.  Easy, peasy!

Quick and Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas-wrapping paper


DIY Wall Art Ideas: #4 Paint              

This idea can go two ways: paint on a blank canvas or paint some hard stock paper and stick it in a frame.  If you’are into painting and don’t mind things not being perfect, then try the canvas ideas.  Pick out some pretty colors that speak to you or just one color will do too and go crazy with your paint brush.  You can also use painter’s tape and create horizontal lines or another cool geometric shape. 

Quick and Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas-paint

Not into the canvas thing?  Then go the simple route and paint some presentation boards (like the ones kids use for science projects), cut and hang inside some pretty frames.

DIY Wall Art Ideas: #5 Cards

Have a deck of pretty cards lying around?  If not, then how about going on down to the card section at your dollar store and picking up some blank cards with a pretty cover?  All that you have to do is place them in a picture frame and hang for some instant wall art.

DIY Wall Art Ideas-cards


Bonus Tip:

Take things up a notch and create a gallery wall of picture frames.  Need some inspiration on layout ideas?  Click on over here to get inspired.

Now over to you missy!

Go ahead and go crazy with these tips and give your wall some much needed spunk. Your room will thank you for sure.  

Don’t think that you can pull this off all on your own,  then hit me up here and let’s chat!